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Trend Group undertakes mostly architectural services as its major service, but we not limited to that only, we also have a good reputation in providing the following services.

  1. Construction
  2. Consultancy
  3. Property Development and Management
  4. Project Management
  1. Residential houses
  2. Commercial projects
  3. Educational facilities
  4. Recreational & Industrial buildings

Trend Group is a sole source provider of both design and construction services, we have consultants that will answer all your questions and give you the best advices there is. What makes us better is that we work with skilled and dedicated staff that will bring all effort in designing your desired building; they listen to your ideas and bring together all pieces of information on the drawings.

    We have a combination of architects and contractors who will both design for the project as well as construction of a completed building for a specified amount. They also coordinate daily scheduling of all suppliers, sub-contractors, fabricators and general work staff,

and assume the responsibility of delivering the project on time and on budget. The errors and miscommunication between contactors and architects is eliminated when both are from the same firm, which is why we are the right company for you.

Projects differ, every plan has its unique complexities, this include the time required to design your plan and construction will be determined by a number of factors going from the location of the property, to the design particulars of a client..

    Other influences that will affect the design and construction timeline are the distinctiveness of site situations like soil structure, landscape and environmental concerns such as protection lands, flood plains, wind zone designations and structural requirement

The client’s design program, their specific space desires for the project will also impact the time on which the project will be completed.

Every design is different, even if two clients could choose the same design the amount charged could be different because of factors that may affect both design and construction. And also we charge based on the amount of time taken on each design. The design amount is charged separate to the construction charge.

There are other cost that can arise if during the discussion other important issues like trees that are going to need removal, underground utility trenches, landscaping and other tasks, however we mainly recommend to see the site before we could start with the design so that we know exactly what we are dealing with or have enough information from the surveyor.

    Other cost includes insurance, transport if the site is on a remote location, cost of printed material, and communication. On other projects there may be a need for soil, mold, lead and or asbestos testing and under certain conditions, reduction.

    We plan the schedule, organize the resources, execute and control budget and work flow, manage a safety program and ensure quality and timely delivery of works.

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